Other approaches

Documenting student field research projects The open and syndicated DS106 network, with an assignment bank The assignment bank spun into stand-alone theme Utilized in very different context as the challenge bank Simplified blogging framework: http://splot.ca, http://intercultural.trubox.ca/ Cloned sites with context and embedded prompts: http://culturalidentity.trubox.ca, http://lemieuxcie.trubox.ca/

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The EPLE Environment

Built on WordPress + Commons in a Box framework from CUNY Front page below “the fold” site activity aggregation Learning community—social spaces   Learning module spaces Resource space   Site documentation How to respond when the environment is used in unexpected ways?

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Our challenges, our opportunities

A new activity-oriented program for preparing school district leaders Collaborative design planning based on needs Developed largely outside existing processes Promote collaboration and development of learning community while allowing for flexible pacing Foster skills to work in open, networked environments and digital literacy, while allowing for sensitive conversations Develop and maintain individual portfolios  

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